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Internet Explorer Tech Tips*

Use Windows update and security procedures to surf safely.

• Windows explorer and Internet explorer can be used interchangeably** but are not identical. You can type in an internet or folder address in either program’s address bar and go where you want. this can be handy when AOL has broken internet explorer’s usefulness in a VPN (Virtual Private Networking) environment. If Internet Explorer is broken for another reason try using the regular Windows explorer. Note, Microsoft disabled this feature in Internet Explorer 7 and above.

• Use your wheel mouse to change the font size in IE6 or above, just hold down the Ctrl key while you  spin the wheel.  This works in other programs too

Ctrl+Enter puts www. before and .com after any test in the address bar of Internet Explorer

• Avoid Spyware


* Not responsible for problems caused by the use of these tips.  Tips are provided for informational purposes only.

** This is not so common anymore as the old versions of ie have gone by the wayside, it is a good idea to have an alternative browser like Firefox or Chrome in case it is needed.


























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