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Keyboard Shortcuts, Tech Tips*

When you click on a menu item look for shortcut key listed next to the selection

Ctrl+Enter puts www. before and .com after any text in the address bar of Internet Explorer

• Alt+Enter Shows the properties of any selected item (if available)

• Ctrl+F Opens the find or search dialogue in most Windows programs

• Ctrl+Alt+Delete in Windows XP, Vista and 7 will show the Task Manager. has lots of useful information

Shift+Practically anything will produce the desired result.  For example if when tabbing through a form you need to go backwards use Shift+Tab, If you want to send  Ctrl+Alt+Delete to a remote computer try Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Shift+Delete bypasses the recycle bin and “permanently” deletes the selected item or items.

• Shift+arrow Selects text in the direction of the arrow

• Shift+Home Selects text to the left end of the line of text

• Shift+End Selects text to the right end of the line of text

• Ctrl+C Copies selected text or files

• Ctrl+V Pastes selected text or files

• Ctrl+X Cuts selected text or files

• Ctrl+A Selects all

Ctrl+Z The is the undo shortcut.  For example: you have been working on a section of a document, select the text to copy and accidentally hit the delete key.  Don’t worry just use Ctrl+Z

• F1 Opens the help dialogue

• F5 Refresh

• Alt+F4 Closes the active window

Alt+Tab Cycles through open windows

Ctrl+Esc Displays the start menu

• Try Right clicking your mouse it will display an instant menu if available


* Not responsible for problems caused by the use of these tips.  Tips are provided for informational purposes only.

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