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Tech Tips*

Find your inner geek.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to navigate through Windows like a pro?  Studies show that keyboard shortcuts are faster than mouse clicks.  Check out these cool shortcuts that will make your productivity soar.  Reduce frustration and increase your reputation with these easy to use tips.


Protect your privacy, get rid of pesky popups and speed up your computer.

Internet Explorer

Here are tips for the novice to the advanced user.

Drivers and Firmware

Manufacturers of computer equipment usually provide drivers and firmware free of charge.  The latest drivers can fix unexplained lockups and other problems.  Download the latest drivers before upgrading your OS (operating system) or when hardware quits.  This can be a lifesaver.

Windows Updates

Viruses and Spyware take advantage of vulnerabilities found in operating system and application software.  Check out these tips to find out how to protect your privacy and data with critical updates.

* Not responsible for problems caused by the use of these tips.  Tips are provided for informational purposes only.

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