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Drivers and Firmware Tech Tips*


Drivers are software programs that computer operating systems use to communicate with hardware. The hardware might be a Network Interface Card (NIC), a printer, etc. Even the components of the computer motherboard require drivers. As with all complex systems things don’t always work as they should. For this reason manufacturers of computer equipment make driver updates available to consumers. Driver updates are generally free from the manufacturer and provide additional functionality and bug fixes. If you are having trouble with your equipment try the manufacturer’s website and check for new drivers.



Manufacturers of computer equipment usually support updates to BIOS or EPROM chips in the form of firmware.  Firmware updates support new functionality and fix bugs. If updated drivers do not help try checking for firmware updates. Examples of equipment that incorporate firmware are computers, printers, network cards, video cards and cameras.


An ST Microelectronics 256Kbit 32KB EPROM chip Author: Bill Bertram 

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